0.9.3: Minor project importer fix

If you tried to import a project on version 0.9.3, you may have noticed that the right edge of a lot of the tile palette came out blank.  Turns out this was a bug in SDL.  (A couple months ago someone checked in a fix for one bug, but it ended up breaking something else.)  I’ve patched the code and updated the 0.9.3 installer.

This error shouldn’t affect anything in TURBU other than project imports, so if you already have 0.9.3 and you’re not importing any projects, you probably don’t need to re-download and reinstall it.

3 Responses to “0.9.3: Minor project importer fix”

  1. yunier says:

    Are you alive?

  2. Mason Wheeler says:

    Yeah, I’m still here. Work’s been slow on TURBU lately, though. I got involved with another project, which isn’t quite at a place where I can say anything about it just yet. But I’ll come back to this soon…

  3. Warren P. says:

    I logged a bug which is really an offer of some help with something you might be interested in doing with Turbu: Making it portable to Delphi XE2 and XE3. I’m interested in Turbu, as a playground for some RPG+Tactics game ideas I have, and since I am a delphi Guy, I think it’s awesome that you’ve made an RPG engine in Delphi.