Huzzah! Progress at long last!

No, the project’s not dead. It’s not vaporware. I’ve just been too busy with Christmas and coding to write much on here lately. But finally I have something worth writing.

I just finished creating and testing the shopping system. It works, the menu system revamp works, and the menu scripting system works. It’ll take a lot more work to get the menu system to be as customizable as I’d like it to be, but this works well enough for now. (The full system, which will give users full control over the layout and functionality of the menu system, will require so much work to code that it’ll most likely not be available in the free version.)

Now all I have to do is code the Name Input box and I’ll have the next prerelease version ready. Now that all the heavy lifting is behind me–revamping the menu system codebase was a real killer, but now that it’s done it makes adding new menu screens much easier–this part should be done within a couple days.

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