Update’s ready.

I just uploaded the new update.  I managed to get the RM2003 issues fixed, and now it’s nice and stable.  You can get it on the Downloads page.

Also, a quick note to anyone who’s downloading with SVN:  I’ve replaced the old SDL.dll and SDL_Image.dll with new, experimental versions.  They have some new features that I’m using to improve TURBU’s performance.  They aren’t compatible with the old versions, though.  If you’re using other SDL programs and have SDL in a shared folder like \windows\system32, don’t replace them with these new ones or it will break your old programs.  Drop them in the same folder as the TURBU .exe instead.

If you don’t use SVN, or don’t know what it is, don’t worry about it.  I’ve changed the installer script so it won’t overwrite your old files.

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