There will be cake.

At work last week, at our weekly development meeting, we were talking about the upcoming company party, which was going to be today, because the company I work at turns 10 today. The boss mentioned that he’d probably order pizza, and then he said “and there will be cake.” I couldn’t help it, I started laughing. When they asked what I was laughing about, I looked around and asked if anyone else immediately thought of Portal when he said that. Only two people, in a room full of computer programmers, even grinned. A quick explanation of Portal followed.

Well, Jim convinced me to bring in Portal on my laptop today, and during the party I hooked it up to our projector and spent about an hour running a demo of the first few levels. Had everyone laughing at GLaDOS’s silly comments, and ooo-ing over the cool physics tricks. And a couple people said at the end that they wanted to go and buy it, “for the kids.”

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