Update coming this week

I’ve been really busy the last couple months, between work, a programming conference, and personal stuff, but I’ve found some time to work on TURBU, particularly the script code.

I’ve been torture-testing the script compiler by generating very large scripts from projects that use a lot of scripting and seeing how it handles them.  It’s not ready to see daylight just yet, but the scripting system will definitely be in the next update.  For now, though, there will be a few more event editors, some bugfixes, and an all new music/sound system.

The current system is based on SDL_Mixer, and it has a lot of problems because of limitations in the way SDL_Mixer is designed.  I can’t talk about the new one quite yet, because it’s based on someone else’s code that isn’t quite ready for release, but it will be able to do everything RPG Maker’s audio player can do, plus a few new features.  The problems that the current version is having with MIDIs and MP3s will be gone, and there will be proper support for Tempo and Balance changes for all audio formats.

As soon as the new player code is ready, I’ll get the next release set up.  And I’m expecting that later this week…

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