Bugfix version 0.9.3 is out

As usual, I come out with a new release, and get a bunch of bug reports right away.  So I’ve been working on fixing them for the last couple weeks, and now I’ve got version 0.9.3 ready on the Downloads page.

Fixed issues:

  • Using the Teleport command editor could lock up the program
  • Using the Change System BGM editor could cause program errors in certain cases
  • The Change Default Transitions editor was listed in the command editor list as “Change System Skin” by mistake
  • Panning position for sound effects was not being calculated correctly with the new Disharmony interface
  • The global script editor was showing the start condition as empty for all scripts
  • In certain cases, the Sprite and Portrait Selectors and the tile palette on the main window were not drawing correctly

These have all been fixed.  There’s also a possible application error when certain forms containing a rendering context (such as the Sprite or Portrait Selector windows) have another window dragged or switched in front of them and then try to change their displayed image.  This is due to an issue inside the SDL graphics library that I don’t have time to track down at the moment.  If you see this error, you can simply close and reopen the window and it should be fixed.  I’ll try to get around to fixing it sometime soon.

Also, if I’ve done this right you shouldn’t really notice any difference, but I’ve replaced a lot of the SDL code for drawing the map with the first phase of an experimental new renderer I’m working on.  By making use of knowledge that’s available to the sprite engine but that SDL isn’t designed to account for, and by using some more modern OpenGL techniques than SDL employs, I was able to double the frame rate when torture-testing the map engine on a large world map.  I’ve got some more ideas for improving it, but that will come later.

Some of the stuff I used requires OpenGL 2.0, which wasn’t a requirement before, but that really shouldn’t be a problem.  Any new computer sold since 2005 or so should support it just fine.

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