Finally! New content!

EDIT: The installer I posted last night was missing a necessary file.  It’s been updated now.  If you downloaded it and you’re getting “Jcl100.bpl was not found” errors, just download the new installer and it’ll run.

The update I promised you all last week is finally here. This update should have been ready on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I found out I’d written some of the data structures in a way that they couldn’t be saved to disc and then reloaded intact, and redesigning them set me back two days.  Then the rest of yesterday and most of today has been spent testing the save/load system and getting all the bugs out. *knock on wood*

What I have now is a preview version of the TURBU editor.  Right now, it can import RPG Maker projects to TURBU format, save them, and then display the character class data in the Database window.  (It doesn’t do anything else yet, but now the framework is in place; adding the other options in will come a lot faster!)  So check it out, ooo and ahh over how impressively it does a whole lot of nothing, and if it does something it’s not supposed to do, like pop up error messages, please send me a bugrep on the forum so I can fix it.

You can find the link in the Downloads page.  More updates will be coming soon.  I finally feel like a real programmer again!

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