Skills are on their way!

I’ve spent most of this week (when I’m not working or playing DragonFable or MechQuest) working on the menu system. I’ve almost got skill use working, I caught and fixed a couple glitches with items, and I coded a handful of under-the-hood refinements to the menu system that’ll make new menus easier to code in the future. I should have a release ready by tomorrow.

It’ll also contain a minor update to the RPG Script system: Label/Goto label will be working. I would have had this several weeks ago, but a glitch in the PascalScript compiler kept labels from working properly under certain conditions. I reported it to the author, and he says he’s looking into it, along with a handful of other things. But the PascalScript system is published with the source code available (not exactly the same thing as “open source software,” but close enough for many purposes) and another programmer went and created a patch, which I’ve incorporated into RPG Script until an “official” fix comes from the author. (Which may well be simply taking this other guy’s patch and making it official.)


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