Finally, the source is available!

(Plus, the future of the map engine.)

I’ve gotta stop posting deadlines on here and saying I’ll have something done by a certain time.  It never seems to work out that way.  It’s just gotten worse ever since I got this job.  But now I’ve got a working version of the TURBU source code uploaded to the project’s Google Code repository.  If you have an SVN client, such as Tortoise SVN, you can download it from there, or you can browse the code through the Web interface.  Anyone interested in contributing to the project is welcome to do so.  I’ll add a page on the sidebar explaining how you can get involved.  I’ll also add a download on this site with the full source package and keep it fairly up-to-date, for those without an SVN client.  (Although having one will make working on the project much easier.)

And for those who aren’t Delphi coders and just want the work to go forward so you can have a game development tool to play with, that’s the next thing on my list.  Back to work on the database editor.  I’m going to start working on the map engine again pretty soon.  I’ve got an idea for a way to actually embed a debug version of the map engine in the editor itself.  The map engine will power the map designer, and it will have two modes: run and pause.  In pause mode you’ll be allowed to edit things, while run mode won’t be editable, but you will be able to put a character on the map, move around, interact with things and generally test everything out, much like the old Map Viewer.  If something goes wrong, you can hit pause and the action will freeze, allowing you to move things around, make edits, inspect scripts and data, and then resume play.  No more needing to launch the game engine and have it lock you out of the editor until you quit out, and repeat the process every time you want to test something.

So that’s what’s going on.  Time to get things back on track.

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