Currently in progress: The map editor

There really hasn’t been anything interesting for anyone to do with TURBU lately.  That’s about to change.  I’m currently building the map conversion logic for the project importer and starting to work on the map engine.  I should have a basic map editor working within a few weeks, which will allow users to play around with terrain.  That was basically how the original map viewer got started: it would display the map, and that’s it.  And then I started gradually adding in new features as quickly as I could code them, until you had a (almost) fully functional map engine.  Hopefully it’ll go a lot faster this time, since I’ve learned a lot in the past couple years and I’ve still got the original code, most of which can be reused or adapted.

Also, a big Delphi update just got released last week.  The latest version contained a feature called Generics, which lets you write code that can be used to do lots of very similar tasks with minor variations much more easily.  Unfortunately, it was badly broken and didn’t work very well.  The update fixed the Generics issues, which means I can set up a lot of new features more quickly. 😀

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