A working map editor

Well, it took a little bit longer than I thought it would to get the details worked out, but the TURBU Editor is now able to actually edit maps!  I’ve got a working map tree, which will take you to any map in the project, and let you edit either the lower or the upper layer.

For the moment, there’s no way to create new maps, delete maps from the project, or access and change map properties.  That’s coming up in the next release, which will hopefully be sometime before the end of next week.  (The Thanksgiving holiday will give me plenty of free time to work on it!)  But for now, the map editor can be found at the Downloads page.

2 Responses to “A working map editor”

  1. Sam says:

    There are some files missing from the installer. I managed to find FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll online but I cannot find dsnap140.bpl. There might be other files missing.

  2. Oops! Thanks for catching that! I’ve updated the installer, and it should work now. (I hope.) And you shouldn’t need FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll afterall, unless you’re actually debugging the source code. That got included by mistake, and I’ve fixed it.