The last major hurdle

All music, sound and image formats supported by RPG Maker 2000 are in place, as are 70 of the 90 script commands.  The map engine itself is about 80% finished.  Next week’s project will be worth about another 10%:  Event movement.  Making all events move and react properly, from their definitions as well as from scripts, is a pretty huge task, which I can only hope I’ll be able to get done in one week!

Event movement is the last major hurdle remaining in the event commands.  Most of the rest of them are “fluff” commands that can be set up very easily, and also most of them relate to major sections of the program that haven’t been implemented yet, like the battle system, the save system or multiple maps.  So after event movement is done, I’ll switch gears and set up multiple map support.  Just another few weeks, and the TURBU engine  will be able to play games from start to finish, not counting battles.  (Those will probably be next.)

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