TURBU Editor 0.7.5 released

This was supposed to be out last week, but at the last minute I ran into some unexpected trouble with getting the last feature I tried to add to work right.  But it’s up now, and it adds the ability to create new maps, edit map properties, or delete existing maps from the project.  There are also a handful of stability bugfixes and interface tweaks.

This is a pretty major update, from my perspective at least.  I had to modify a lot of things in the code to make Map Properties work, and deletion required a major change to the way I store the map tree in memory.  But it’s working now, so I’m happy.

I also added an error-reporting package.  It can detect if a severe error occurs and prepare an error report file containing technical information about what was going on in the program that will help me fix it more easily.  Hopefully you won’t ever have to see it, but if the error report dialog comes up, please hit “Send Report”, which will attempt to send it automatically over email.  If your computer can’t do that for whatever reason, there’s also an option to save the report to a file.  Either way, please send any reports it comes up with to me so I can fix the bugs more easily.

For the next release, I’m going to work on making the engine actually display characters and events and letting you run the project within the editor.  Most of the code’s already in place from the old Map Viewer, so I’ll just have to adapt it to the new engine.  Hopefully it’ll be ready in a shorter time than this release took!

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