New update coming later this week

Well, it’s been a while, but I’ve made several improvements to the map editor since the last post.  I’ll have a new update ready in a few days.  It adds the ability to edit map properties, add new maps, and delete existing maps.  I’ve got a couple issues with setting up the project on other systems to take care of, but once that’s ready I’ll get the new installer ready.

One Response to “New update coming later this week”

  1. Prince Merluza says:

    Awesome, you know I’m still interested in this software’s development. THough I gota be honest, timnes has swiftly changed and the golden age of rm2k/3 is coming to a dead stop. Could you somehow by any possibility, add a new direction for this, I mean keep all the rm2k/3 compatibilities but add more to make it a more flexible game maker.

    Also, I’ve viewed your post on GW about recruiting spriters. What dimensions do you nedd these resources to be and I might conjure some materials and see if I could get hired.