Happy Halloween! New 0.8.6 release is out.

There’s a new update up at the Downloads page.  0.8.6 is a bugfix release for 0.8.5, fixing several issues.

  • The error reporting tool was not working
  • Switching between maps could cause tiles to turn white
  • Editing a map and then switching maps and switching back to the first map could cause a crash
  • Resizing the editor window wasn’t working right
  • Adding a new map could cause a crash
  • Copying and pasting event pages wasn’t working right
  • Switching maps didn’t properly preserve the current editing layer
  • Placing a party, then switching maps prevented you from ever placing the party again

These bugs have all been fixed in this update.  Hope you enjoy it!

Also, if you find any new bugs, I’ve set up the issue tracking system at the project’s host on Google Code.  If you submit a bug report there, it’ll automatically send me an email about it so I can look at it.

5 Responses to “Happy Halloween! New 0.8.6 release is out.”

  1. Terri says:

    Hi 🙂 Is it okay if I kinda off topic? I am trying to read your site on my new Blackberry but it doesn’t display correctly, any recommendations? Shall I try and find an update for my browser or something? Thanks for the help I hope! Terri x 🙂

  2. Kaempfer says:

    I was going to post this in the Oct 25th post, but since I’m a few days late, I’ll post it here: The idea to implement various trees for the event commands is genius, as I often find myself sifting back and forth through pages for commands I don’t use, sometimes overlooking the button before finding it on a second or third look (I’m apparently stupid). It makes coding simple things sort of tedious when they require a button I don’t know the location of.

    I’ll grab the latest build in the next few days when I have some time off of work and try to do a bit of testing on it. I was getting worried with the lack of updates, but this recent flurry of activity is heartening!

  3. Kaempfer: I don’t think you’re stupid. I just think there are too many commands to memorize all of them and their positions, especially when you don’t use most of them frequently. (Or even at all.) I often have the same problem, which is why I decided to try and come up with a better form of organization.

  4. Kaempfer says:

    I don’t have a google account, so hopefully you don’t mind a few articles of feedback here in the blog itself: I can import one of my projects, the other gives me the error, under the heading TMapTreeData.Create of “Attempted to skip sections x2A, but found section x29 unexpectedly.”

    This error causes the game to attempt to stop importing. It creates no TURBU project, corrupt or otherwise. Strangely, this game is vastly more simple (and much smaller) than the project that did import correctly.

    Secondly, when opening my project I found that multi-charset graphics (for instance, I had a horse that used different still frames from the same charset to create an image larger than 24×32) were instead displayed as the central char instead, ignoring the “fixed graphic” setting.

    Lastly (not an error, rather a question): Are you going to support different walkspeeds, eventually? In RM2k3, x2 slower is usually slower than people want, where as normal tends to be a bit too fast.

  5. @Kaempfer: I tried to send you an email but the address you used in your comment doesn’t work.

    If you’re having trouble with an import, please post a download link. I can fix that problem if I’m able to run it through the importer on my end.

    The still frames thing is a bug I’m working on right now. It should be fixed in the next build, which will be up later today.

    And as for the feature request, I’ll look into that, but to be honest it’s a lot easier to keep new features in mind if they’re on the issue tracker. A Google account is free to set up and if you’re worried about them collecting information, like some people are, they won’t get much if the only thing you use it for is submitting bug reports and feature requests. 😛