Map zooming and more bugfixes

Version 0.8.7 is here.  Hopefully it’ll work right for everyone.  I fixed a handful of bugs and added a new feature:  Map zooming.  There’s a trackbar at the top of the screen that wasn’t there before.  Dragging it will change the map’s zoom level so you can zoom in and see more details on a local area, or zoom way out to see a lot of a large map.

Bugfix list:

  • Map objects were loading with the wrong frame displayed.  This was a two-part bug; there was an error in the map import code and another in the map drawing code.  This means that to fix it, you’ll have to re-import your project.
  • Adding two new event pages in the map object editor could cause an exception.
  • Creating a new map object could cause an exception.
  • Resizing the tile palette could cause an exception.
  • Closing the program or loading the project database could cause an exception.

A quick note about errors.  If you have an error to report and you don’t have a Google account, and you don’t want to sign up for one, you can post it in the comments.   If you want me to be able to respond quickly, please use a real email address.  I don’t plan to enforce that with a sign-up system before you can post, but if you give a fake email address I can’t reply to anything except by posting a comment in response and hoping you check back and see it.

2 Responses to “Map zooming and more bugfixes”

  1. Kaempfer says:

    Gee I wonder who that last note was directed at ;D

    Alright, real e-mail this time (I was away on holiday elsewise I would have checked this out much sooner): I really like the enhanced zoom/unzoom feature, but the bar itself takes up a lot of space. Maybe a little percentage thing (like you’ll find in Photoshop, for instance) would better serve, space wise? Once you get other things to jam in that top bar it’ll make a more noticeable difference, I think. It is a good feature though, much better than having to constantly test play to see how things will look at the right resolution.

    The map view is working very well for me now. Events still display incorrectly and don’t animate at all (unless they are moving, in which case animation is very jerky) when using the little “play” icon (which animates water tiles correctly so far as I can tell). When I went to switch an event’s graphic I noticed the “select any frame” setup instead of the classic Rm2k3 setup, which I really like. I’d suggest using it at 2x the current resolution though, as it’s very small right now.

    One error I’ve been getting consistently is a black space appearing when I switch maps: it appears everywhere but a certain part (usually equal to the screen minus one tile vertically in 200% view, or 26 tiles if I’m not mistaken) of the map. It seems to appear more regularly on maps that are vertically very long, but not often (I had it happen once) on square or horizontal maps. Using the “play” icon creates an error. It’s possible to continue through it, but since it continues to attempt animation, it just keeps generating itself.

    Quick question: I use map tree branches pretty prodigiously to organize maps, so I was wondering two things: Is it possible to make the horizontal space between each new branch smaller, so as to not have the right edge cut off by the scroll bar? As an example, if you have
    Secondary Map
    Tertiary Map
    Specific Area 1
    Specific Area 2
    A lot of that information is concealed. It is currently about the same size as it is in Rm2k3. It’s not a major issue by any stretch, but it would be nice to have that information more compact, so I can glean more in the same space (sorry if my map tree text fomatting makes no sense when I post this).

    Secondly, could you implement the ability to move maps up and down their respective trees? So, in the above example, shift Specific Area 2 to be above Specific Area 1 without dragging it elsewhere and then moving it back in. Like I said, I’m a stickler for organization (it helps me focus) so it’d be a big help. Jesus, this is a long comment!

  2. Kaempfer says:

    As a brief addendum, using the “play” icon only seems to cause an error (I haven’t really stress tested it or anything) when there is black space visible on the screen, and not otherwise. I didn’t get it every time there was black space, either, but most times. A bit elusive.