Minor update tonight

I got a lot less done on TURBU than I thought I would. I blame discovering two new games, which have been eating a lot of my time: Disgaea II and Travian. That and discovering that RPG Maker’s “common events,” which I’d planned to code support for this week, are stored in the database in a different way from ordinary events. This release is mostly bugfixes (the new input system broke a few things,) plus support for a few more event commands.

Common events will come next week, along with putting the finishing touches on event activation, and then I’ll be free to start working on multiple maps. (I will do multimap support sooner or later! I swear I will!)

Also, this release is built with a new, upgraded version of the PascalScript engine that powers the RPG Script system. As with any new release, it’s possible that there could be new bugs in it, and that events that worked before won’t now. I’ve checked any obvious cases I could think of, but just in case there’s something I missed, please keep your eyes peeled and report anything that doesn’t work right on the forum.

One Response to “Minor update tonight”

  1. Archeia says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for the updates 😀
    Just so you guys know that you guys have supporters ^_^