Yay! 0.02 is out!

This is a version release I’ve really been looking forward to. It was so big, in fact, that I went and set up a website for it! This release is where I introduce TURBU users to what will be the core of their game: RPG Script. For a few months now, the map viewer has been taking Events from maps it evaluates and translating them to RPG Script code on the fly, behind the scenes. But now, with the inclusion of a Debug Console feature in the map viewer, the users can start learning to use RPG Script for themselves. I’ve included a bunch of information on what RPG Script is and how it works in the helpfile I wrote for this release.

Now back to the event translating. I’m about a third of the way done. Once I finish translating the event codes, all I’ll have to do is:

  1. write the battle system,
  2. code support for multiple maps,
  3. create a save-game system,
  4. separate the TURBU game engine code from the RPG Maker project import code (the two are sort of lumped together right now)
  5. finish the editor, which I’m writing in parallel with the game engine,
  6. completely rewrite the map engine in SDL, to make it cross-platform compatible
  7. add in support for RPG Maker 2003 importing and RM2k3-specific features, especially the different battle engine, and…
  8. figure out what to put in next!

When the first 4 are done, TURBU will be at version 1.0. I can’t wait!


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