Another Saturday update coming up

I’m not sure yet if this will become a regular thing, but I’ll have a new release ready this Saturday.  I’m ironing out a few details at the moment, but the main change will be to ensure that all RM2K events will compile properly.  There are a few event commands right now–most noticeably the fork (if) command–that cause the script compiler to bail out.  This is because they aren’t implemented yet, so no code for them gets inserted, but the “end” opcode that RPG Maker puts at the end of the “if” block is the same that it puts at the end of each script, so the compiler thinks that the script’s over before it should be.  I’m implementing those commands now, so that they will work properly and not confuse the compiler any more.

I’ll also release the latest version of the Map Evaluator.  Much as the Map Viewer currently in the downloads page is the game engine in embryo, the Evaluator is a tool I use that forms the core of what will eventually become the game editor.  It will allow users to see information about RPG Maker maps, including viewing events and seeing how they translate into RPG Script.  I hope you all enjoy it!

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