A bit of progress

When I started changing some of the data types to work with SDL, it immediately broke several sections of the Map Viewer that were used to the old framework. I’ve been working on it since then, and yesterday I finally got the project to compile. Of course, when I tried to run it, it promptly started raising exceptions left, right and center because the conversion isn’t complete, but it means I’m getting there…

2 Responses to “A bit of progress”

  1. prince says:

    Hey, pls. finish this.. I’m really excited for it..

    Good luck..

    Is there any help you need?

  2. Thanks! There’s not really much other people can do to help out at this phase, unless they happen to be an experienced C programmer who would be willing to help set up some extensions to the SDL library. 😛
    Except for spreading the word, of course. That’s always helpful.