3D renders

Yeah, this has nothing to do with TURBU. I just figured this would be a good place to store an image gallery of some 3D art I’m working on, so I can link to it from other places. Why set up one of those image-hosting accounts when I’ve got my own site?

I was in a 3D modeling class last semester, as part of my Game Design major, and one of the assignments was to “model a mech”. The example we went over in-class looked like a Mad Cat from Battletech. The one we were assigned to do for homework could be any mech from any source. So I picked my mech from MechQuest, a Runehawk Star Commander.

Here’s how it turned out: (click on any thumbnail below to get the full image)

Runehawk Star Commander

I did this before we learned about texture mapping and lighting, so everything used default coloring and shading, and the mech looks like it’s made of modeling clay. Oh well. The prof liked it, the other students liked it, and the people on the MechQuest forum liked it, so I guess it’s good enough. I’d like to go back and texture it, if I ever get some time to…

Anyway, the final project for the class was to build a room with a theme. Since I’d put so much work into this Runehawk Star Commander, I figured I’d continue along the same path, and I picked a GEARS University dorm room from MechQuest for my theme room. Here’s how it turned out:

Some books on a shelf above the computer. That’s supposed to be a window on the wall, but the texture mapping didn’t work quite as well as I wanted it to, and so it looks more like a framed picture than a view outside.

A view of the room. Like the last one, but with the camera moved further back. Now you can see the bed, the student’s beanbag chair, and the entryway.

Better view of the computer. A House Runehawk logo is splashed across the screen.

A weapons rack with two different energy blades. Making them glow like that was a real pain to pull off!

A view of the bed from a different angle. Now you can see a cabinet, a nightstand, a pizza box–complete with a slice of pizza up on the wall! How did that get there?–and a clock. (The time shown, “5:12,” has no real significance.)

On the back wall is a shelf, where I stuck the original Runehawk Star Commander model as if it were an action figure. There’s also a dartboard, and yes, the bulls-eye is off-center. That’s on purpose. If that doesn’t make sense, go play MechQuest. It’s free to sign up for, will run in any browser that runs Flash, and it’s tons of fun. </shameless plug>

Anyway, back to coding. Gotta get the update out…

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