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TURBU Editor 0.7.6 released

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Finally, the new update is ready.  It comes with a Run button, which currently doesn’t do anything except turn on animated tiles, and functionality to display the map objects (events) on-screen.  You can edit map objects, to a limited degree at least.  The next update will allow you to create new map objects, move them around, or delete them, which you can’t currently do.

Then I’ll start working on scripting.  It’s taken quite a while to reach this point, but the goal is finally in sight.  Building the scripting system last time took almost a year, but now all the old code is already in place and will mostly still work, so adapting it to the new engine won’t be nearly as time-consuming.


If you downloaded the editor before now, you might not have been able to open it.  The settings for one of the library files apparently got corrupted when I upgraded Visual Studio, and now it wouldn’t run properly on a lot of computers.  I’ve fixed it and updated the installer, and it should work now.