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TURBU Editor 0.7.7 released

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

These post tiles are getting a bit predictable lately!  But at least this update took less than a month to get ready.

The new version fixes a few bugs with the way the map objects are drawn, (no more huge, stretched boxes if you’re scrolled somewhere besides the upper-right corner of the map,) and adds some more functionality to the ability to edit map objects.  You can now grab them and move them around, create new ones by double-clicking a blank square, or delete existing ones with the Delete button.  The editor will also recognize arrow keys and the Enter key when editing map objects.  You can also add, delete, copy and paste pages in the map object editor, and edit a page’s sprite.

Now for the fun part.  All the work I’ve put into this engine over the last couple years has been building up to making the whole thing scriptable, and now I have enough in place that I can start working on the scripting system.  I’ll need to work quickly, since in another three months I’m going to this year’s Delphi Live conference to give another presentation on game engine design, and I’ll need to have something worth showing.  So let’s hope I can get a lot done!