This is not a programming blog

In addition to writing game engines, I’m employed as a full-time Delphi programmer writing somewhat less exciting software that controls traffic management for TV and radio stations, and I’m fairly active in the Delphi community.  I occasionally get hits incoming from some programming-related sites, and I’m just putting this up so as not to confuse those visitors.

TURBU is a game engine and editor I’m writing in Delphi, that will use the user-friendly Delphi design model and Object Pascal-based scripting to make the creation of console-style RPGs a lot easier and more intuitive than is possible with comparable tools that are currently available.  This is my TURBU development blog.  I recently started a Delphi programming blog, TURBU Tech.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in games, stick around and leave a comment or two.  Maybe you’ll find something fun in the TURBU project!

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