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0.8.4: Another bugfix release

Friday, July 9th, 2010

A feature as big as making everything animate and move properly is bound to have a few bugs in it.  There were a couple issues where moving map objects could cause a crash.  Those have been fixed, plus a few more minor problems.


0.8.3: Introducing character movement

Monday, July 5th, 2010

The next update was going to be about scripts, but since so many scripts have to do with the party and other map objects, I decided to make it possible to place a party on the map first, and make the map objects able to move.  I thought this would be ready by last night, but I ran across a difficult glitch in a code library someone else had written, and it took me a while to track down the root of the problem and hack up a fix for it.

Animation was added a few months ago.  There’s a Run and a Pause button on the top of the editor, and Run turns on tile animation but never did much more than that.  Now it does.  Any map objects with movement assigned will walk around now.  Also, if you right-click the map while in Run mode, and it’s on a tile that a character could enter, it will create a party and place it on the map.  It uses the graphic defined for hero #1 for this, so if your project leaves that one blank, like a few do, you won’t see anything.  (That will be addressed in the next release.)

I’ve also added a handful of minor fixes and tightened up the code for drawing water tiles considerably.  If you were having slowdowns on world maps or other areas containing lots of water before, it should be working better now.

One minor issue with this release.  When in Run mode, sometimes the program won’t close. I’m not sure what causes that, and I’m working on tracking it down.  But you can quit just fine if you hit the Pause button first, so it’s not a major problem at the moment.